Month: October 2016

Norwich Terriers First Birthday

So they had their birthday party, both one year old kids now. They live in CA close enough they can visit from time to time. We hear they even had a birthday party. Here are Shirley’s Grady and Janet’s Dexter after one year!

New Norwich Puppies in the House!!!

Well, we finally have new puppies in the house. ¬†Whoop! Born September 23rd, we waited to post until we passed the critical two week mark last Friday and are happy to say all are well. Their eyes are open now and we should be getting open ears this next week or so. There are two girls and two boys and what a cute bunch they are. It’s pretty funny hearing those tiny little growls coming from their pen. Penny has been a wonderful mom, keeping them clean and looking after them. And as the Dr. said, what a milk machine she is.

The first few days are pretty stressful and full as we check every couple of hours to make sure everyone is eating, staying warm and gaining weight. They actually all did well though sometimes we would see one off by itself. So put it back with the pack, watch them wrestle for over the next meal position and then comes the vigorous Penny cleaning they would get. We go in and handle them from time to time turning them this way and that, rubbing little bear feet and so on. Later, socialization will start, different noises, textures and objects. Well, enough talk. Here are a few pics for you.