Month: February 2017

A New Chapter – Agility

So we began a new chapter with our girls Bailey and Penny. We decided we would give Canine Agility a try and what fun it is. We have just started so both the girls and us are learning. We started with Sport Dog Foundation Training which basically teaches us to work as partners. Then this last weekend we had our first agility session and what a blast it was.

We found a wonderful instructor, Beth, who is the owner of Dogjoytraining in Bryan Tx. After researching places we really liked her positive, take baby steps, work as a partner with your dog approach. That first agility lesson was so much fun though we are not sure who worked harder, the girls or us. Below is a picture of Bailey learning that she can go over the the A frame with Beth cheering her on. It was really funny watching her figure out she wouldn’t fall of the end of the top and could go down the other side. Her terrier brain just exploded with excitement when she made it. She didn’t know what to do with herself. What fun!!!

Bailey on the A Frame

The Kids are 4 months

So the kids are a bit over 4 months and still growing. The boys were out front today and Maria thought it would be a good photo op. We all love pictures of our kids don’t we. They were having fun and looking at these of Poptart, we think is a little bit of a clown. Samson was searching for something… maybe a fresh stick?

Happy 6th Birthday Penny

Today is Penny’s 6th Birthday. A great Grand Champion who loved to show and still loves showing off to people. She’s an awfully good mom, still wanting to clean them all up, even the older “pups”. Not a lounge around, she has great fun with her kids in the front yard playing chase. Happy birthday to her!

Penny on the show table.

Patsy goes to her new Forever Home

The time has come. Patsy has gone to her new forever home and we are very proud of her. Gary and Patti came from Missouri and fell in love. After we all met, we knew it was a match. Patsy will be their first Norwich Terrier and Maria gave them tons of info to take with them with an open invitation to call or visit any time they wanted.  So, while it makes us sad to see her go, we are really glad she is going to a great home. Her new name is now Alegria Miss Ruby Slippers, you know, from the Wizard of Oz.

We were asked how we can let them go. Our answer… because it will bring that magical, joyous feeling to others that Alegria Norwich Terriers are all about.

Patsy, Norwich Terrier

Patsy and her new Mom and Dad