Month: March 2017

Samson Goes to Forever Home

It’s Norwich Terrier NEWS:┬áSamson, now Tucker, has left for his new forever home! Ron, Laura and MacKenzie decided they just couldn’t leave without him after everyone got to hold him. And of course, he just snuggled right in, winning their hearts. Really, just look at that face of his.

We hear he had a great ride home, slept well over night and was very good getting up this morning. What a goooood boy. We will miss him but know he has gone to a wonderful home full of love. We look forward to hearing more stories about Tucker and his new family. After all, that’s what it is all about.

Samson’s new family

Grady goes to Work

We love getting stories about the kids that have gone to new homes so here’s one. Grady gets to go to work with his mom, Shirley, and everyone at the office loves him. The routine is when they get there, Grady walks around a visits everyone in order. Once he has greeted everyone he returns to Shirley’s office, steps into his sherpa and takes a nap while mom works. After all it is a lot of work greeting everyone in the morning and getting the appropriate responses. Sometimes he even gets to go to meetings with mom. In he goes with his sherpa of course and, well, meetings aren’t that exciting so he takes a nap after making sure everyone is there.

Grady and Shirley at Work

We also heard he makes the mail run with mom. He walks with her and sits in his spot while she gets the mail out of the box. Then he gets his piece of mail to carry back to the house. Once there, he deposits it on the floor very pleased with himself. What a good life of a Norwich Terrier, Grady, and mom, Shirley.