Month: August 2017

What’s this? Norwich Terrier Puppies?

Yup, Norwich Terrier Puppies. Bailey’s little man and girl less than a week old. She is very proud, keeps them very clean and takes great care of them. Born on 08/05 they are doing really well. We set up a bassinet, covered, with a heating pad to keep them nice and toasty in there. Also keep a video camera going so we can keep an eye on everyone. We snapped the below picture from the camera in night vision since it was a little on the dark side there. The babies were going for the gusto. They are of course mostly black being Norwich puppies but that will change when that puppy coat comes out. We can hear them squealing when its bath time which happens a lot. ┬áSo here’s the pics…

KD wins her Champion

We waited until we received the official picture to announce that our little Norwich Terrier Alegria K D Bar the Door won her Champion title. She was very proud coming up under a year old I am sure. Thanks to Judi and PW for showing and taking such good care of her.

KD is a very happy girl, that tail of hers is always wagging and she greets everyone with gusto. She may be a little rotten also, but well loved. Right now, she runs about the house and yard wreaking havoc with the others. Well, so she thinks. Afterwards, its onto a lap, time for a nap. So without further delay, here’s that picture.

Alegria K D Bar the Door wins Champion