Originally from England, the Norwich Terrier was bred as a ratter to dispatch small vermin and later to bolt fox from the dens. Today they remain true to their sporting and inquisitive nature of old. However they absolutely love being with people, bringing joy and amusement to our lives. As one of the smallest working terriers they are full of energy and playfulness. Consider them gay, fearless, loyal, intelligent and affectionate. They make ideal companions and are well suited to any environment.

Norwich are stocky with sensitive prick ears and a slightly foxy expression. Their eyes should be small, dark and oval with black “eyeliner” and a bright, keen expression. The ideal height should not exceed ten inches and should weigh 12 to 14 pounds. Proportionally you can think of them as box from chest to hindquarters and back to feet. Their coat is hard, wiry and straight laying close to the body. At the neck, the coat forms a protective mane. Colors are red, wheaten, black and tan or grizzle.

They appear to be wash and wear as far as care but this is not quite true. Grooming is accomplished by “stripping”, hand pulling, the old coat leaving a new layer to grow. Usually several layers are kept, rolling the coat in grooming terms. When the coat is cut instead of stripped, it looses its depth of color and wiry texture. Stripping promotes a healthy coat keeping it easy to clean, not requiring much bathing. Occasional combing to remove old undercoat between stripping sessions aids in a healthy coat.

Norwich Terriers have relatively few health concerns. They are prone to Upper Airway Syndrome. Responsible breeders carefully select the parents to minimize the chance of passing it to puppies.

The AKC Breed Standard for the Norwich Terrier;