Gabby moves to a new palace

Gabby's parents
Gabby’s new parents

So Gabby has moved to a new home and brand new parents. Already we have heard wonderful things about her living there. Wait, you can’t go to the bathroom by yourself. She will guard you against that neighbor she doesn’t know. Watch your step getting out of the shower, she is right there on the mat waiting for you. Yes, you get to let me use your robe as my blankie and no, this wasn’t your spot. Haven’t you heard, whats yours is mine!

While we were sad to see her go we are really glad she gets to own her own wonderful home and peeps. You go girl!!!

Toni off to New Adventures

Cheryl and Toni
Cheryl and Norwich Terrier Puppy Toni

Well here we go she says. I am the cutest ever and here’s my new mom! This is going to be so much FUN! Cheryl flew in to pick up her new little girl Toni and it was love at first sight. Such a sweet little girl says Cheryl. Well, we know there will be mischief to be had as we see Toni off to her new forever home.

Pups playing Stick!

Puppies Playing Stick

Whoop! All kinds of sticks. So these are Gabby’s latest, Luke, Justin and Toni playing with the older brother Chance. ITS THE GAME OF STICKS! But wait, thats my stick. Nope, I have my own. Nope mine, mine, mine

Tongue Out Tuesday

Tongue Out Tuesday Puppy

We are a bit late on this update so this picture is actually a little old but still darn cute. Little Luke had already learned it! Happy Tongue Out Tuesday to everyone. This guy is actually a Red and all that dark you see is puppy coat. A little later on that gets groomed out and he really is red. In the mean time, more TOTs to come we are sure!

Puppy Dreams

So young yet we hear those little yips and see them twitching like crazy. It’s a puppy pile with puppy dreams. What in the world do they dream about? They haven’t been outside, no squirrel chasing or pouncing leaves. Maybe they are pouncing each other in the most ferocious manner. No wait, its the squeaky thing. Nope its the nefarious rattling thing. Well we don’t know but its cute to watch. These are Gabby’s latest. Our first Black and Tan and the two Red boys.

Gabby's puppies
Norwich puppies dream

Tom and Jerry

So the official story is, you don’t want your little kids watching those mean, nasty shows on TV and you don’t want them playing those mean and nasty shoot um ups. So what do you do with the wee ones, why you turn on the cartoon network of course. And whats there, why Tom and Jerry show. We have to say, the personalities are there. Maybe they are taking lessons from the TV after all. So here they are at 8 weeks, Tom and Jerry.

Norwich Terrier Puppies

Thats right, Norwich Terrier Puppies are here. Two boys crawling and whining to all hours of the night. Two weeks old and just now seeing peepers looking back at you. Well sort of, I don’t think they focus too well yet. Bailey is taking such wonderful care of them and insists that we have Tom and Jerry on the TV for them. I tried explaining that they can’t hear or see too good but she¬† said she didn’t care, it was the right thing to do for little ones. Then today she calls us and says look at this. One of them was wondering what in the world he was supposed to do with this. She tried to explain it was a food bowl but he just wasn’t getting it. Why thats just not the way you eat, everyone knows that. So here they are with mom and the food bowl.

Bailey, her two pups and the food bowl

Tami is now named Mae and loves her new home

So the Norwich Terriers win again. Mae is in her new home in Nebraska and is loving it. She struts around in her new threads, keeping warm and looking good. Her new brother, Harry, and her get along great and play a lot. We also heard that she found out what snow was, nosed and played in it showing Harry how it should be done. He just shook his head and looked on in awe. Of course he is a bit older and must be a little more dignified though we think he secretly likes it to. So here a couple of pictures of them looking good!

Tami goes to her new home

Tami has her new mom, Sue and is headed to Nebraska to be with Sue and a new older brother, Harry. Harry is a bit more dignified, but that’s just because he’s a little older, at 9. Tami will straighten that out. Well, with two Norwichs in the house, it will be a whole house full of life and cuteness. Welcome to your new forever home Tami!

Sue and Norwich Terrier puppy Tami

Winston at home

Well, we knew it would happen. Winston has totally drawn his new family into the Norwich Terrier world. He says look what a great place I have. First there’s this wonderful deck that is mine. Yes, its all mine. But wait, when its too cold outside I get my own sweater and in a very manful manner check here and there about the parameter for those that may skulk about. I see you! I have a wonderful new family and none shall pass here without my knowledge.

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