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Toby off to a new home

Well, the time has come. Toby, now he who is called Winston, is off to a new forever home. Bruce and Winston hit it off immediately, best of buds. There may be some of who’s the boss role settling even though Bruce says he runs “a tight ship” but we saw the twinkle there in Mr. Winston. Bruce has now been assimilated into the Norwich Terrier family and Winston approved to the new life style that would soon follow. So a new pic of Winston in is new home saying yup, I see that and it’s mine, for your viewing pleasure…

Winston claiming his new home!

Toby and Tami Norwich Puppies

So it was pointed out that its been some time since we had pictures of the latest Norwich babies. So we took them out of their little play area gave it a go. Well… that was impossible. They decided it was terrier time, not picture time. Attack this, attack that. Run over to get a couple of pets then off again.  How can this be you might ask. So some pics of them with the puppy agility equipment. Over the dog walk they go. Then one says wait, look what I can do. I can go under it to.

So we put them back in their play pen and tried there for some beauty shots. Well…

Toby on the right, Tami on the left.

Is that food out there?

Toby on the left, Tami on the right.

I thought you said there were treats…

After that is was… Fine we will just go take a nap.

Poptart is off to his new forever home

Well, it has happened. Our little Norwich Terrier, Poptart, left for his new forever home today. After many phone calls and discussions, Ken flew in and met Poptart. Both took to each other right off the bat and a new family was started. We are looking forward to hearing the many terrier tales and adventures to come with Ken, Lynn and Poptart. By the way, he did show Ken what a little terrier man he was when a big dog dared to come to close. Ha, nothing on him! So here he is, Poptart with his new dad.

Ken and Poptart

New dad Ken and Poptart.

Samson Goes to Forever Home

It’s Norwich Terrier NEWS: Samson, now Tucker, has left for his new forever home! Ron, Laura and MacKenzie decided they just couldn’t leave without him after everyone got to hold him. And of course, he just snuggled right in, winning their hearts. Really, just look at that face of his.

We hear he had a great ride home, slept well over night and was very good getting up this morning. What a goooood boy. We will miss him but know he has gone to a wonderful home full of love. We look forward to hearing more stories about Tucker and his new family. After all, that’s what it is all about.

Samson’s new family

Patsy goes to her new Forever Home

The time has come. Patsy has gone to her new forever home and we are very proud of her. Gary and Patti came from Missouri and fell in love. After we all met, we knew it was a match. Patsy will be their first Norwich Terrier and Maria gave them tons of info to take with them with an open invitation to call or visit any time they wanted.  So, while it makes us sad to see her go, we are really glad she is going to a great home. Her new name is now Alegria Miss Ruby Slippers, you know, from the Wizard of Oz.

We were asked how we can let them go. Our answer… because it will bring that magical, joyous feeling to others that Alegria Norwich Terriers are all about.

Patsy, Norwich Terrier

Patsy and her new Mom and Dad

Norwich Terrier pups 11 weeks

So Penny’s new puppies, Norwich Terriers of course, just past 11 weeks. They are doing wonderful, having a good time. The kids have been to the our Vet a couple of times and have gotten their shots. The kids did great with the visit and of course everyone there just loved them. They have also been with us to a couple of events in the motorhome. Of course they stayed in to keep from catching anything. Folks have come to visit and socialize them, after these folks undergo intense sterilization procedures of course. Ok, well maybe not so much but they did wash up. The kids did very well with the visits, loving it the whole time.

So without further ado, here is the crew. Samson, Delilah, Poptart and Patsy;

New Norwich Puppies in the House!!!

Well, we finally have new puppies in the house.  Whoop! Born September 23rd, we waited to post until we passed the critical two week mark last Friday and are happy to say all are well. Their eyes are open now and we should be getting open ears this next week or so. There are two girls and two boys and what a cute bunch they are. It’s pretty funny hearing those tiny little growls coming from their pen. Penny has been a wonderful mom, keeping them clean and looking after them. And as the Dr. said, what a milk machine she is.

The first few days are pretty stressful and full as we check every couple of hours to make sure everyone is eating, staying warm and gaining weight. They actually all did well though sometimes we would see one off by itself. So put it back with the pack, watch them wrestle for over the next meal position and then comes the vigorous Penny cleaning they would get. We go in and handle them from time to time turning them this way and that, rubbing little bear feet and so on. Later, socialization will start, different noises, textures and objects. Well, enough talk. Here are a few pics for you.

First Norwich Terrier Show 2016

The Norwich kids just turned 6 months so they get their first time in the ring at an official AKC conformation show. It was the San Antonio Kennel Club show held in Kerrville Tx this past weekend. It was a really nice facility and we really enjoyed ourselves. So we loaded up the motorhome with 7 Norwich Terriers and us for the weekend. Thats three puppies and four adults traveling with us. Our other puppy, Gabby, was staying with our handlers, Judi and PW.

We would show three of them; Gabby, Suzie and Sassy. Our fourth puppy, Scottie, we did not show but had him walking around with us to get him out. Scottie had a good time and got to meet lots of folks. He will be going to a new forever home soon and we will miss him. Sassy is looking for a forever home but we showed her just to get her exposed to all the action. Once they all got going, they did really well. Good for them!

Gabby and Suzie really did well in and out of the show ring. Gabby won Best of Opposite Sex on Sunday and it was a Major to boot so good for her.

Of course we have pictures of the kids and them getting made up. One picture is of their area inside the motorhome. Helps prevent puppy mistakes on the carpet. Cursor over for captions or click on one for a carousel slide show.


Puppies older, loosing the puppy coat.

So the pups are a bit older here, in their playpen at home. You can see them with the dark puppy coat then after grooming, stripping, the puppy coat. Pretty darn cute.

New Puppies are here!

These are a bit late making it onto our site but thought y’all would like to see a history. Here’s the new pups born in August. Penny’s singleton on Aug 20th and Bailey’s four on August 22nd 2015. Cursor over for captions or click for enlarged show.

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