Our Norwich Terrier Kids…



Staci was our first Norwich. At that time we were looking for a pet and when we found her, she immediately wormed her way into our hearts. She immediately became part of our family and through the help of many, we learned to care for, groom and become better parents. Through her and our new found friends we became educated in the Norwich breed, caring for them and what responsible breeders are. Staci has not only been Terri’s side kick but has also introduced others to Norwich Terriers along with our other kids. Staci has served as an ambassador to the breed in public places, around the ring and in Meet the Breed.



Penny, GCH CH Itsy Bitsy Pocket Change, is our second Norwich, our first to show in conformation. We originally were looking for a sister for Staci and were introduced to showing. We had been to a few shows and thought we might like to get involved. With a lot of help from our friends, breeders and handlers we were quickly educated and Penny took us for a wild ride to Grand Champion in a short time. Bless her heart, she put up with a lot from us “newbies” but what an education. We only hope that we can be half the mentors that all of those that helped us were to us. She with Bailey became our first “moms”.

Show Off pics



Bailey, CH Itsy Bitsy Alegria Irish Cream, was our third and the first to hold our Kennel name. With her own loving personality and look, she took us to Champion in a short while. She wormed her way into our hearts and of those around us. She would become one of the first to have a litter for us. And what a special litter of four she gave us.

Show Off pics



Mr. Man as we call him has retired and was re-homed to us. He is surrounded by girls and now puppies that sometimes drive him crazy. But such a gentle, caring soul, he sees to us all, patrolling the perimeter of the yard, watching over all. Occasionally when he thinks we are not watching we catch him playing with the kids.