Norwich Terriers tend to be a healthy breed overall. However, like any breed there are certain health issues that are breed specific and warrant a short explanation.

What is UAS?
Breeders and owners of Norwich Terriers have known for a long time that “snort and snuffle” respiratory noises are common. In recent years, evidence has slowly emerged, pointing to an underlying respiratory condition that affects our breed. We have seen that the condition is quite variable in presentation, ranging from noisy breathing to severe distress, even death. Today, we know that our breed is affected by a complex disorder of the upper airway, specifically the larynx. The true prevalence of the condition is unknown because even dogs with no apparent symptoms may be affected. The condition is breed-specific to Norwich Terriers and a genetic basis seems likely. We are calling the condition NTUAS (Norwich Terrier Upper Airway Syndrome).

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For in depth information:UAS Study

Dental disease
Periodontal disease is a common under-treated clinical condition in adult dogs.  Periodontal disease develops as plaque and tartar spread under the gum line, causing inflammation of the gum, and loss of bone and soft tissue around the teeth. Because Norwich are prone to develop plaque and tartar, diligent dental care is essential.

Reproductive Problems and Challenges
Breeding Norwich Terriers is difficult. Reproductive problems are common and include failure to conceive, resorption of puppies, difficult whelping and frequent need for caesarian section. Litter size averages 2 to 4 puppies with 4 being a large litter. Puppies sometimes require supportive intervention, such as tube-feeding a weak puppy, and neonate mortality is much too high.