The Gateway Dog Show at Purina Farms was held June 1 Р5. Unfortunately we were not able to go, Bailey was in heat so that meant breeding in Houston. Bailey got to meet Andy and his human, Deb and what a cute boy he is. I think I saw her making eyes at him. We will see around July 1st if we have any puppies.

But our KD went to the show with Judi and PW and she was wonderful. She decided to show everyone what a special little girl she is a 8 months old and won Winners Bitch one day, Best of Opposite Sex another day and Best Of Breed another. Judi tells us that KD really didn’t care for the picture taking and by the last day decided she just wasn’t going to stand on that short table again. So she had to be held for that final picture. Still looked pretty cute. So here are a few pictures of Alegria KD Bar the Door for y’all.