Norwich Terrier Stacker

Stacker, 13yoa, on the porch

Our wonderful Norwich Terrier Stacker, also known as Mr. Man, turns 13 today. Happy Birthday!!!

Stacks came to us a couple of years ago after he retired from another home. We came to know Stacker when he came here to visit one of our girls. Well, we fell in love with him. When he retired, Maria convinced the owner that he needed to come stay with us from now on where he could run around, lord over all and guard the place against all heinous and nefarious rodents and such.  Though his joints are a bit creaky, he gets around well. He does snore with great gusto and is a bit grumpy when the little pups bug him too much.  But he still enjoys it all, people, pups, the yard and goes with us to all the dog shows.

Happy Birthday Mr. Man!!!!